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Above all else nothing motivates me more to play, or do anything else, then to write it down, say, "this is something I need to do" and slowly work on it piece by piece.

It takes time and I constantly have to rewrite the words I've said to myself over time, but little else works.
Sure, there are other ways to feel self motivate. going to concerts, playing with other musicians, and dreaming about being so unrealistically(or is it...) great ect.

I hate writing down a to do list, but nothing helps me more then that to get it done. I clean my room annually(I'm a little over-due as it is) and I never seam to get it done until  I make a mental note, write it down, and decide not to do it later. Do it Now.

Lately I've been in a rut. My acoustic guitar lays under my arms as I write this and I've never felt more distant from it. Because for the last four days I've barely practiced. I need to make a mental note and do it now.

Wish me luck.

P.s Now that I think about it I did clean my room last December....

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Re: Above all the other tactics....

I think we all get like that sometime,I do. I have found that setting an old cheap guitar right next to me when I am watching tv helps as I will pick it up and start picking abit,you might also record someone who is one of your favorite musicans and bring it out once and awile to inspire you.

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Re: Above all the other tactics....

Don't think of it as a rut, but a break. We can't always play when we want and as often as we want. But sometimes, no matter how much you love playing, you need a break. Same as a vacation from work/life. Just to get away from the "routine" of things. Alot of times a break is just what you need to improve. If you step back and relax for a bit you seem to play better than grinding it out everyday. Absence makes the heart grow fonder right? When you get back to it you will feel like you did when you first fell in love with it. I'm sure you'll get back to it.

A friend of mine has been wanting to learn to play for the past year. He was given a guitar and lessons for his birthday last year and only went to 2 of the lessons. I've sat down with him twice and showed him a few things but nothing more has come out of it. He always says he is too busy. I'm not saying he isn't busy, but that attitude isn't going to get him playing guitar. Like you said, "do it now". You have to make time for it. Everytime I see him I mention playing, but to no avail. Kicker is, he has a 5 year old that LOVES the guitar. Who better to sit down and play with him than his dad? I've used this angle to encourage him too.

Anyway, Taylor, you still have the desire for it so I don't think you have anything to fear. Four days is a good little break. I'm going on vaca for 2 weeks and won't have a guitar to play, so I'll be itchin' for it everyday. Don't fret, (haha) You'll be banging on it again soon I'm sure.

Keep Rockin!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Above all the other tactics....

Annual room cleaning is Wayyyyy too often IMHO

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Mama says, "clean your room" ...
Clutter in your physical space and in your mind can cause the type of feeling that you won't ever get anywhere.  It's not a good feeling to have.  Sometimes you need to sit back and take a look at it, make a reasonable list of things that you can get done and scratch them off.  Having a list of things that you KNOW you can accomplish will give you something to strive for.  Actually scratching them off your list will help you feel accomplished.  You have the right idea with making a list.  And I don't know where you play your guitar, but if it's in your room, maybe having a nice clean (uncluttered) space will help you to enjoy it more.  I do know that having clutter in the way can make doing nearly anything else a frustration, and like I said that goes for clutter in your mind as well.  (that mental list of to-do's is mind clutter).

Remove the clutter from your space, you will remove clutter from your mind, and have freedom to enjoy the things you want to enjoy.  Just remember, IF you are going to make a list, it needs to be one that you CAN accomplish in the time you give yourself.  Don't go on a 5 hour cleaning/decluttering mission.  Sit down and make a list for 5 minutes, take 15 minutes to do each task and see what you can get done in an hour.  You'll be AMAZED at yourself Taylor... remember, some of the things on the list could be as simple as "Call Grandma and thank her for the cookies she sent", or "clean out that drawer which is just collecting junk"... and then you may just be inspired to see what you can get done with the guitar in the next hour!

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Re: Above all the other tactics....

If you want it bad enough you'll do it.  If you don't want it bad enough, it's not like your life is on the line.  If you turn it into a chore, it won't be fun any more.  Having a list and planning time to practice is good.  Forcing yourself to do something against your own will is not.  Take a break if you need to, then if you miss it go back and practice.  Just don't expect to be supergood too fast.  A lot of people have the feeling that they can play like their idols and sound just like the guys on the albums in a few months.  Not going to happen.  Those guys are pros who have dedicated their lives to practice AND have been blessed with talent.  Don't allow comparisons of that sort to cloud your mind. 

A wise fellow told me once: "You can't help but be yourself.  So if you are going to be a success at anything, figure out who you are and be that." 

- Zurf

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