Topic: The Journey

The ship lay at anchor, awaiting the sun
knowing full well of the journey to come
silently judging the folly of man
Seeker of answers and " What if I can "

To cross an ocean in search of adventure
riches for certain but worth the danger?
Dragons or kraken to take our lives
enveloped by monsters instead of our wives

ol' Lenny never made the Straight
drowned near Gosport, 'twas his fate
best swimming lessons he did own
pity he sank like a weighted stone

After the Channel the sea turned mean
boiling fury made the sky unseen
sails were torn and ropes were frayed
God fearing men knelt, trembled, prayed

The Captain held fast and true to his course
his was a will of strength and force
Prayers were answered, the storm retreated
Faith against Nature, the latter defeated

The journey wore on at a steady pace
no hurry to arrive, wasn't a race
So what if scurvy had its say
Teeth are no use to a sailor, anyway

Re: The Journey

             I like to say its a nice try!Meaning full and very  adventurist style! Someday you will know your poem will travel miles awayl  Like a dream come true! In manny bay !  Go on  in the voyage  itself push by wind! Becoused you made a beauty full poem!Your a sailor of your own travel by alone! Some people waiting proud like good son!When times come, you will notice more reader like  your poem!No poem when you made some say its not nice for me so very proud !Continues sailing as long you like to make a poem that you can share.....Keep rowing your words sure will sail!!!
                                                                                                                                           Salute for you

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Re: The Journey

Hello !

I enjoyed your poem. I had visions of The Costa de Morte in Galicia, Spain while reading it.

{ Coast of the Dead] I had the pleasure of spending time there some years ago.
Its a beautiful amazing place, but so many lives have been lost around this coast.

reading your poem had me standing back at Finnisterre. Such a beautiful place with moorish towns.
My childhood friend lives there now.Heres the link for you to enjoy also.

Good poem.

Well done,

Old Doll.

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