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I was looking for reviews of the new LR Baggs "Anthem" pickup and come across this on youtube. It is so nice, I had to share. I am putting one of these pickups in my J-45

Janis Ian … re=related

Later, Wayne P

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Loved it Wilbaye,

Its a great old song.

Hope you and yours are doing well.

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nice sounding pickup there Wayne very versatile smile

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Thanks for sharing it.  Forgot this gem.  Interesting tidbit... on Valentine's Day 1977, Janis Ian received 461 Valentine cards, having indicated in the lyrics to "At Seventeen" that she never received any as a teenager.  Kind of underscores why lyrics sometimes are the moving part of a song whereas other times its the cool riffs.

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got to say i checked this out, how brilliant is she? you get all these kids and oldies on X factor, who go on to win, sell million's(?) of records and their one stumbling block is that they are totally under talented.

if this lady entered X factor she would walk it. trouble is, she probably wouldn't get passed the auditions!   sad


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