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here's a little poem i wrote today as i had a lot of time on my hands and a mind numbingly boring job.

Number one.

I ask not much of this poor life.
See my children grow, a caring, loving wife.
To work each day, bring home the bread.
To know that I am loved for the life I have led.

I will work for the comforts we should all be allowed.
Enjoying the treats from cradle to shroud.
I shall work hard each day as I've done all my life.
Till I get kicked in the trash, till I get dumped in the pile.

The bankers, the auditors, the investors, millionaires.
They play with my life, they really don't care.
For me I'm a number more fodder for the gun.
When they fire at Will, I guess I'm number one.

Phill Williams. 5th November 2010.

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Re: number one

I really like this one Phill, wish I had written it.

Jamie R

Re: number one

Hi Phill,

I feel the strength of this one right from your gut. But it also made me smile.

Our Goverment and banks squandered all our money but, have now decided to give the underprivileged here
FREE CHEESE !! "Whats that about !" I ask .

Keep writing Phil, It entertains plus  keeps us sane lol

Old Doll

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