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Hey all!
I have playing guitar for a while, but i  want to know academic aspect for playing guitar.
  While i play my guitar, i learned pentatonic scales etc. I dont understand point learning that.
   Im writeing this topic to know you oppinion. I had bad teacher and he don't explain the main stuff.
    Example. Do - C. 
   Sorry about my english knowlage.
Thank's for you oppinion DOORsLv

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Hi Door and welcome to Chordie.

I know very little guitar theory, but what I do know is that for finger picking and the blues, the pentatonic scales are a must. Some types of music don't use scales very much but others are based on them. They are a good thing to know.

Check this out:
click on the "Blues" or "Music Theory" tabs at the top.
Click on "Scales".

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Thank's a lot. smile

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Practicing scales is also a good way to develop dexterity and finger independence.

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Come visit us in the Theory section.  This is pretty much all we talk about.

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In fact Jerome is right, this thread should be in Theory so I will move it.


Sorry DOORsly, I forgot to welcome you to Chordie and do not worry about your English, it is fine.