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The last few times my grandaughter had been around the house she had asked me to get my guitar out and play some tunes for her.  She seemed to be showing an interest, so I got out my 30 year old Fender accoustic, put a strap and some new strings on it, bought an electronic tuner, packed it all in the case and took it to her for a Christmas present.  Took her a chord chart and showed her just a couple of two chord songs and how to play them.

I am amazed at how responsive she was to this gift, especially when she heard it was my first guitar, kind of passing on a legacy of sorts.  My son says she hasn't hardly put it down since Christmas day.  She posted several times on Facebook about what a great gift I had given her.   She is supposed to come up and stay for a couple of days so "we" can "practice" as she calls it.  I never thought a 13 year old who is hung up on Justin Bieber would get so excited, but I am so glad she it.  I really hadn't had the guitar out of the case for months since I had bought a new guitar earlier this year so I just thought it would be a nice gift and it turns out that it seems like it is.  Just doing my thing to keep the music going and it gives me something else to create some commonality between my grandaughter and I.

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Great story Jim.  I passed my old Alvarez to my son when he was young so I bought a 3/4 size for my grandson when he turned 8 (my oldest daughter's son).

My oldest grand daughter is also 13, has taught herself to read music and play keyboard.  They learn quick at that age so your grand daughter will probably be teaching grandpa a thing or two before long.  Enjoy your time with her.  I wish mine lived closer.


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Re: New Guitar Day for my Grandaughter

Nice Bass! I tried o get my son and daughter interested in the guitar, but no luck.

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My kids, though musically talented, are not interested in the guitar much to my disappointment. I've tried to interest them. Even told them I'd buy them a guitar of their chosing, right now! No dice.

However my daughter warmed my heart (she's 16 and in high school) when she suggested that one of my duties as a future grandfather would be teaching the guitar to the grandkids! I can picture it now. Another reason for me to GET BACK TO PLAYING.

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Really cool there Big Jim.  Music connects the generations better than just about anything else I can imagine.  Except maybe more generations.

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Re: New Guitar Day for my Grandaughter

What a great Christmas present - seems like it really hit the spot! Have tried to get my son interested in the guitar, but he much prefers to horribly slaughter things on his Xbox. But, I have now bought him a uke - as I already have one, I am hoping we can learn together. Worth a try, anyhow...

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Re: New Guitar Day for my Grandaughter

Very Cool Big Jim,

You sound rightfully very proud. smile

I hear a real good song coming out of this for the two of you around the campfire. It should be a keeper.


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