Topic: Bands you should cover but don't

Maybe it's just me,but there are a lot of bands that I probably should cover some but have never learned any of their tunes.  For instance: The Beetles, Neil Young, John Prine, CCR, The Stones, Any Country artist, etc.... Believe it or not, I don't know any songs by those artist or a single country song period! Is that odd? I'm sure there are many other "Staple" artist that I just never bothered with, but those come to mind at the moment... Are there any staple bands that you just don't care to or have never bothered to learn?

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Re: Bands you should cover but don't

Just an amazing number of them.  I really enjoy Jack Johnson's playing, but haven't even considered learning one of his songs. Some others:
Old Crow Medicine Show (but for one, and it was first written by Bob Dylan and only finished up by OCMS)
Most any bluegrass pickers, most especially Doc Watson
Cross Canadian Ragweed
Guy Clark
and a million others. 

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Re: Bands you should cover but don't

I really like these folks but have never bought an album or learned any of their songs.
John Prine
Grateful Dead
Jimmy Buffet

It's not that I don't like them, I just have never listened to them much.

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Re: Bands you should cover but don't

Like Pix, I heard this song by Creedence Clearwater Revival recently and remembered how I liked it when it first came out.
I added it to my tune list and have gotten a good reaction to it from the older crowd.

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