Topic: Not a song - "My Queen"

What love hath passed upon my days

And struck my heart with faithful fancy

The moon was born to fix its gaze

Upon her eyes and shine their dancing

The sun must rise to light her face

And warm my heart with beauty's grace

A king am I in loveland's realm

But powerless upon the helm

One touch of hand does strike me weak

The same hand gives of what I seek

For the greatest gift my queen beholds

The gift of love as we grow old...

What can I say?  My wife still has my heart :-)

Re: Not a song - "My Queen"

Very nicely done. Well written. Very tender.

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hi flybye

so sad that you have to answer your own poem!

it's a nice piece of work, and i identify with it wholeheartedly as most of my stuff revolves around my wife too, 30 years in may....

(married not her age ha ha)


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That is very beautiful smile

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