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I didn't just want a new guitar....   I NEEDED a new guitar!

I'd had my eye on a nice Tele for a while but then something else popped into view, it was going fairly cheap and ticked all the boxes for me (not the worlds greatest player, but I can slaughter a tune or two).  I'd even had full wife approval too, as she had just got herself a new violin smile

And so yesterday it turned up and boy, is it nice!  Looks (spalted maple) and feels like a dream to me, it's considered a bit of a rockers axe but it can produce some niiiice bluesy stuff too.

I'm not going out for awhile.

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Very nice! Happy NGD.

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Beautiful Wakey!  Did you get the darker or lighter stain?  That Spalted Maple is just gorgeous!  Every time I go to the guitar shop I drool over the zebra maple acoustic just because it's so darn purty, but it never sounds as good as it looks.   HAPPY NGD!  May you enjoy the next few weeks in the house with her!  smile

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I love a NGD!!!!!

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It's sooo shiney smile

It's the light shade of the spalted maple and it's in very good condition.  It is only a veneer but that doesn't detracted from the beauty of it.
It plays nice, the fretboard is a real treat and the coil tapped pickups give a nice array of noise.
Can't wait to get back home after work, hope it's not my turn to cook smile