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I have long been thinking of the idea of developing a collaborative website where contributors could work together to develop a complete recorded song.

Its a while ( 12 months ) since I have visited chordie, but it struck me when browsing the recording section that there are a lot of members here that have the desire but maybe not the expertise to complete recordings. I have a reasonably well kitted out studio and can do basic mixing and mastering and as well as that have enough programming skills to put together a website which could handle the file transfering and management aspect of each recording project.

Before I start pouring hours of work into developing such a site I would first need to know of there was sufficient interest among chordie members for it to be worthwhile.

Please register your interest in this project by posting a reply in this thread. Your reply should include the following

- Willingness to be involved
- Areas of musical competence
- Recording Equipment Available
- Level of recording experience

Obviously the quality of the finished product will rely heavily on four factors

- The level of each contributors recording ability
- The level of each musicians playing ability
- The quality of the chosen material to record
- My ability to finally mix the various components together and master the final take.

Please let me know if you feel this project would be worthwhile pursuing.

As always I hope you enjoy my musical journey as much as I do.

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Hmmm ...56 reads so far and no takers - looks like no interest in this ideas so please now consider this thread closed

As always I hope you enjoy my musical journey as much as I do.

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sad  It's NOT a bad idea, and I think it was super kind of you to offer.  Just... Chordie kinda has something like this going on already amongst the members.  It seems to me you would serve well as a producer though.  Why not hop up there and put your name "in the bucket" as such?  smile  I'll keep you in mind the next time I attempt to put a collaboration together (which could be a long time, BUT ya never know!!).

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Re: Collaborative Idea

well i would be interested!!

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Hang around.  I am sure there will be more interest.  We already have Russell and a few others who are into this and they do a pretty good job.

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