Topic: Happy Mothers Day!

Just wanted to say Happy Mothers Day to all the Mom's on here, especially to MeKidsMom who works so hard on here and I'm sure even harder as a Mom. Moms are a very special thing in this world and while we as Men tend to forget, or take for granted  that fact we still love our Mom's everyday!


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Re: Happy Mothers Day!

I second that cam,my wishes too them also and alot of respect.

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Re: Happy Mothers Day!

smile  Thanks guys!  I actually had a nice Mother's Day away from the kids yesterday (which was realllllly weird!).  A friend of ours got  married and did the wedding on Mother's Day to celebrate one of their moms that had passed on.  It was kind of fun pretending like I wasn't mom for a day, but I sure did miss the little buggers. 

I received an awesome set of homemade aluminum foil earrings from my 6 year old.  smile

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