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I give this to my students for fun and to help with learning different strumming patterns. Perhaps it will be of use to some of you will to.

The chord and numbers are the down strum strokes and the beats of each bar. The '&'s are the up strum strokes between the beats. First read out aloud what you are about to play and then start by playing it slowly. As the pattern gets fixed in your mind, and right arm, gradually increase the tempo until you are playing it as fast as you can but remember that keeping the pattern right is the main prority. If you make a mistake start again slowly.

Where there is an '&' up stroke immediately before a chord change it is quite acceptable to actually play all open strings as you change chord when playing at a fast tempo.

The 5th set usually causes problems as the chord is strummed down once, held for three beats before the 4th down, the '&' upstroke then the chord change. The last one causes the most problems as there is a change on each line.

I have shown each as 16 bars but usually more are needed to get up to a fast tempo.

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Thanks for that Roger, i am going to use that for practice. glad you posted that .penny

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Thanks Roger, I'm going to give it a go as well


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i want to learn that codes but i am finding difficult to do that.

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Welcome to Chordie David!!!!!

Let' see:

G 2 3&4& .........would be a G chord played
D D DUDU (D is down, U is up) and is counted
1 2 3&4&

When counting, numbers are down strums and &'s are up strums.
That's as plain as I can explain it. Hope it helps.

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Hey thanks Roger, these are good. smile

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Thanks Roger. 'Bout time I dug out the ol' Washburn.

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