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I flew out from UK to Denver, CO last month to get married.  We stayed with my wife's uncle who I hadn't really had much contact with before.  Over a drunken talk one night he mentioned how he sings occasionally with 'a bunch of mates' and when I said I played guitar he promised to fix up a session of some kind.  Next night he took me over to his friend's house for what I thought was a beer and maybe a jam.  This guy has a shed in his garden, full of vintage amps, guitars, drums and even a piano - an absolute music nut who only plays for fun.  Another guy turned up who had lost his thumb in a work accident so couldn't lock on that well but still played like a dream.  After a while, a biker guy arrived and got behind the kit.....we had a blast for about 4 hours (sorry, neighbours) and did it again next week.  Worked our way through Creedence Clearwater, ZZ Top, Neil Young and some British RnB.  Also at the wedding we set up a small acoustic room and played long after everyone had gone to bed.....  just wanted to say thanks those guys and for the hospitality, friendship and absolute devotion to beer-drinking shown by the residents of Castle Rock, CO.

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That sounds like a rockin good time. Congrats on the wedding!

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Congratulations on your nuptials.  Sounds like a blast.

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