Topic: The Songbird

By Flybye

It came one morning
In the early spring
With a beautiful song
God taught him to sing.

Though very young
Not long from the nest
His voice was lovely
Distinct from the rest.

I’d asked God some questions
But had no reply
Then this beautiful song
Brought a tear to my eye.

Was this His answer
Was He talking to me
Was it God’s voice I heard
From the bird in the tree?

He lifted my spirits
When I heard him sing
I knew he was saying
Some wonderful thing.

As if God has sent him
There to me
To remind me how simple
My life should be.

Re: The Songbird

hi flybye,

lovelly poem. your metre is perfect and the content is well observed and composed. keep em coming.


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Re: The Songbird

That's beautiful, flybye! Love the words and their rhythm!

"I have a sweet tooth for song and music."-Pope John Paul II

Re: The Songbird

Thanks Phill and Fretnot for your kind comments.