Topic: For Your Birthday

A little something I wrote for a friend today.

For your birthday
By Jeff Gilpin
September 20, 2011

Birthdays don’t mean what they used to
They’re different from what they were before
The meaning has changed
Somehow rearranged
To a day we would rather ignore

They used to be so special
What with cakes and presents and fun
Playing games where we hid
Back when we were kids
Full of laughs as we’d play in the sun

We don’t mind getting older
Another year longer to live
Full of work and worry
Always in a hurry
But it beats the alternative

We all still got a little kid in us
Who tried to break the piñata
But now theres’ bills to pay
As we work night the day
Punching that clock cause we gotta

So happy birthday again
As another year rolls around
Break through that mold
Like you’re still a twelve year old
And party ‘til the sun goes down…and comes up

J  E  T  S
...and yet a Redskins fan ...long story...HTTR