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I saw on the news that yesterday was the anniversary of Lynyrd Skynyrd's infmaous plane crash. Being that its so close to halloween, I was reminded of an article I read once in Guitar World (at least I think it was guitar world), about one of the surviving members being (supposedly) visited by Ronnie Van Zant's ghost in a weird preminition type vision while in the hospital. This was before any of the unconscious band members learned that Ronnie was killed instantly (hit a tree I think) but apparently in the vision he told him he was moving on. I don't neccesarily believe in ghost stories, but this one's pretty interesting. (Watching the video of those guys getting into the plane at the end of thefree bird dvd always gave me the chills anyway.)Anyone else know any good music related ghost stories?

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Re: Anniversary

Interesting,I have never heard that story.I can not think of any like it,closest thing I can think of are all the Elvis sightings.

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