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I know there was a topic about this a little while ago but i cant find it now. I want to learn a few little riffs/ licks ? between chord changes. Have so far learnt one changing form G to C and back again from video but would like to learn some more between different chords, However i find sometimes learning from videos is difficult when they go a bit fast. I have been looking in all my tuition books but can't find them. Can anybody help? Would like to learn some more because straight chord changes all the time is becoming boring and i would like to learn a few embellishments to make it sound better.

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Maybe check out some bass resources.  Bassists spend a lot of effort working out how to get from the root note of this chord to the root note of the next chord in an interesting way.   

Probably the best way is to find tabs for a song where you like the transitions, then analyze those transitions.  I'm finding that the same transition can re-used in other songs pretty easily. 

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Scales are your friend.  And Zurf is right on the money when it comes to bass, primarily because it's' hard to play bass without knowing scales.

Don't look at it as going from G to C, but as resolving the V to the I.  Then your turnaround is useful in all keys.

Anyway, scales scales scales....

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THis guys showing you some neat moves.  You could learn the D hammer on pinky and then D with the middle finger raised as you see in the first 15 seconds of this video.   There's plenty of moves here all around simple G C D. … re=related

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That sounds really good.  I use the D fingering in a lot of my songs because they are easy and add a little oomph to any song.

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