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hi guys and gals....
funnily enough i've been using chordie for yonks and never realised there's a forum
so here goes....
Ibanez EW50 sment accoustic
Yamaha aex500 electro accoustic
Fender Strat ,maple neck and fretboard
Hartke gt60 stack
Laney Linebacker pl100 twin combo
Line 6 Spider 3 75 combo
Roland Streetcube
Soundcraft Spirit 16 desk
Phonic MMX 1602 desk
Boss Br600 multi tracker
Boss Loopstation
Dunlop Crybaby
Shure mics
few other bits and bobs........
my style?.....Gentle ballad(ish) fingerpicking
Influences.....David Gray, Paul Weller, Get cape wear cape fly,zep, loads of others

i like to write poetry, but have a serious block when it comes to putting music to it, in the 15 years i've been playing i never got the knack

here's a bit of my work.....
Again a silent scream splits the night

The black velvet rent by dream's keen blade

And by the memories that nail my feet to the floor

I will not fly again, this decision i have made

The wasteland awaits, is calls so sweet, it beckons me

My winter at last shall be my souls desire

With the taste of You upon my bleeding lips

I shall cast my being into the fire

Resigned, defeated, no will , no courage left

The tarnished remains of my shining thoughts

Become the fools gold i clench in my fist

The reward my wants and desires have bought

There i will wait for the finale, my never ending solstice

Eternity calls my name, leading to infinity

With eyes wide open, stained with salt water diamonds

I will wait for the darkness to comfort me


so....nice to meet y'all and hope to share more
all the best for now

ps if there's anyone around my area (exeter, devon, uk) feel free to get in touch 07989 660736 always up for a jam, have my own practise/jam room!

it's not that history repeats itsself, it's just new idiots making old mistakes.....

Re: hi here's a taster

Welcome to Chordie! Glad you're participating. Not sure how often you post on forums....I would never publish my phone number. Just me though. smile

Re: hi here's a taster

hi kajir, welcome to poems

i agree with BGD, that it's never a good idea to put your phone no on line, you could get bombarded with calls from spammers or even nut-jobs. chordie has an email service so members can email you while retaining your privacy, so i'd recomend you edit your no out and invite members to email you if they're in you locale.
now to your poem; nice work, deep yet vivid! i can see why it might be difficult to put to music, but you can invite attempts by other members to put music to it.

dont be a stranger, lets see some more


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