Topic: Left-handed Uke Players?

Hi, Folks--
  Anyone else out there play the ukelele left-handed?  I'm left-handed, but I learned to play the guitar right-handed (after learning early on that playing left-handed without reversing the strings is tough and sounds bad).  When I got a uke as a present last year, though, I found it much easier to play left-handed.  Attack and strum patterns aren't really an issue they way they are with a guitar.  I can play right-handed, too, but prefer left-handed.  Has anyone else experienced this?


Re: Left-handed Uke Players?

playing upside down didnt make hendrix sound bad. though i must say having done the upsidedown thing more than once in a pub (or 2) it is difficult but not impossible. i was recently in tenerife and a fellow welshman named taffy (original huh?) played lefty on a right handed guitar and his lead was excellent. if you ever get to tenerife try taffy's bar and say phill sent you.

i was given a uke for my birthday last year, but it wont stay in tune, it's gathering dust in the corner now! but good luck, and welcome to chordie.

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Re: Left-handed Uke Players?

mr zeng has been wiped out due to excessive amounts of spam in his burgers.


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i am also left handed. so i had to switched the strings back and forth because my brother also plays right handed

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Yo soy  zurdo toco uke baritono y comenze intentando a
prender como diestro pero fue mal y cambie cuerdas y nada  poco a poco asi que si alguien toca baritono y me quieer echar una mano .Gracias