Topic: NBGD.

My good friend Jon, just left me with an acoustic bass guitar with pickup and amp, tanks jon., I'll give

it a go before buying my own.   

any easy bass sites out there anyone can suggest? , looks like a fun rig.

badeye    cool

one caper after another


It's busy, and there is a lotta smak, but there's a whole lot of good information there, too.

Generally, if you know your scales and chord theory, you can play bass starting right now.  It's no different than your guitar with the B and e strings removed.  Just fatter strings and wider frets.  smile

Someday we'll win this thing...



Just put on some Chicago Blues and try to keep up.  You'll be fine. 

- Zurf

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sounds like a good new project,everytime I listen too the Beatles Abby Road album I wish I could play bass like paul Mc cartney.

my papy said son your going too drive me too drinking if you dont stop driving that   Hot  Rod  Lincoln!! Cmdr cody and his lost planet airman


Some friends can be incredibly generous and I hope you have fun with it, but where are the photos?



Thanks guys, this thing is a hoot.    big boxing day jam in my kitchen, trying to get some licks down before then,

  have a great day chordie.

badeye   cool

one caper after another