Topic: How can I arranging a set list?

Is it possible to arrange the order of the songs in a songbook accorning to your set list?


Re: How can I arranging a set list?

Wolfgang17, I would think so. You may first select an opener - something that will impress and get the party kicked of in a pleasing direction. After that, entertaining is similar to a seduction. You select songs that give emotional rise and falls for your audience to an inevitable climax and beyond. Then a restful or carefree spell until the seduction begins again.
I select from my fat book of over 400 songs, a power set for the young ones, traditional romance for the Metrical for lunch bunch and light comedy for those who would rather be entertained than compelled to dance.
You must control the evening's pace and passions. If you get it right, a wonderfully fulfilling gig happens.

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Re: How can I arranging a set list?

However your Chordie songbook can only be sorted by song title or artist A to Z or Z to A.

I would, in fact I do, print them out and sort them, set order, in a book with clear sleeves.


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Re: How can I arranging a set list?

that's a problem...