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Hey, I'm hoping someone might throw me some suggestions on recording my own music.  I've been searching on the internet, and being a type of novice when it comes to this sort of hing, I find myself being very confused with the terminology and the letters and numbers after the names of products.  I'm working on various songs at the moment, and I feel these devices might be able to help.  I've used the old tape recorder, but I need something more advanced.  Any advice would be very much appreciated.  I have 2 guitars, acoustic and an electric, a keyboard, an amp, and a laptop.  Is there anything on the market that can exploit, and take real advantage of these.


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There are a number of items that would help you. I would look at:

The <a href="http&#58;&#47;&#47;" target="_blank">Tapco link.USB</a>

The <a href="http&#58;&#47;&#47;" target="_blank">Lexicon Omega</a>

And the <a href="http&#58;&#47;&#47;" target="_blank">Line 6 Toneport</a> to begin with.

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i'm no pro but i also record songs that i sing & write & was just using kareoke tape deck but the quality was poor. so i bought a sony stereo mic that plugs straight into a mini disc player & now just record off that. it's brilliant especially if your playing too & the sound is brill too. the only thing is you then need to transfer your music onto a larger disc. mini discs are so quick & easy to use & you just go over & over until your happy with your song. Dont buy from sony shops as it is £125.00, i got mine from ebay & paid £18.00 brand new & including postage. shows u a picture it's model ECM-DS70P.