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My first post of 2012, it's 21 minutes past midnight , just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year, may your life be filled with music, family, friends and new guitars!


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happy new year

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HNY to you too Cam


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Thanks and Ditto.

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Happy new year Chordians!!!!!!

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Happy music year to everyone.

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A very Happy New Year to all my fellow Chordians!  I hope the new year brings you the time to do those things you desire, the desire to do those things you wish to do and the health to make it all happen.  Keep the music coming!  I feel like this year Chordie and all you fine folks have become kind of an extended family!  Thanks for being there!  A great year starts today with a great day; so have one!

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Ditto above. Cam you need some sleep so you can watch some football!!

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Wishing all a great New Year 2012!!

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Happy new year.

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Happy New Year all!

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