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Any other West-By-God-Virginia Alumni out there?

Tonight my beloved WVU Mountaineers set a number of NCAA records for BCS bowls, including total points scored, total yardage, etc., and in the process put a serious a$$ whuppin' on the Clemson Tigers (70-33).

The best part is that our key skill position players are only Juniors.

Can't WAIT to get to the Big 12.  Bring it.


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Re: EPIC Orange Bowl

I watched part of the game I think your team did well.(no I am not alumni)

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Re: EPIC Orange Bowl

It was the most embarrassing thing I've seen in sometime, I could not believe they beat Clemson that bad. The entire ACC was embarrassed by that showing, ugly, just ugly. But worse than that my Duke Blue Devils lost last night to the Temple Owls, a bad night for the ACC.


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Re: EPIC Orange Bowl

I think it just shows that the ACC isn't that strong of a conference.  They're 2-13 in BCS bowls total.  I liked Clemson this year and had hopes when they knocked off Auburn early, but VA Tech is consistently over rated so beating them twice really doesn't count for much.

I think Boise State moving to the Big East is going to shock a lot of people.  Good on WV, though.  Running up 70 points on any team is tough.

Someday we'll win this thing...