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I'm a guitar noob even though I'm 61. I've looked everywhere for the music for Sunflower sung by Glen Campbell, but all I can find is the lyrics. I'd like to learn to play it, but I don't have enough experience to know what the chords are by listening to it or what strums to use. Thanks.

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I couldn't find it either.  I know it has a G and D in it.

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Bgeib, sent it to you in an e-mail.
Cool song. Never heard it before.
Hope to hear from you again.
The song was written by Neil diamond. Glen Campbell had a hit with it.
This song is light, airy, high energy and positive.
It might be one I could get away with. Good set opener.
Made a copy and plan to do a video tutorial of this fun, simple song.
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I am also looking for the music for this song...either chords or tabs if anyone has it.