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hi ppl...

im not 100% sure if i wanna sell my guitar but i was hoping some1 here would be able to tell me what its worth.. ive got a fender monkey business acoustic, i cant find anything on net about them because its been discontinued, which im hoping means its increased in value now? the last bit of info i can seem to find from when they was available seems to be between £250-£300 then they stopped making them?

any ideas?


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Hey there Boozmizer! I moved your post as the market place is for members to sell instruments - and clearly you are still just looking for some info on yours.  If you do a google search for "fender monkey business" a lot of results come up.  I'm sure someone here in the acoustic section can point you into the right direction in looking for make/model/year info for your fender and going from there on price!  smile

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i have already googled it and it seems nobody sells these now as they were discontinued, and the only slight bit of info i can find was articles where they apparently sold for around 300, i even tried calling a few local music shops earlier, seems ppl have either never heard of it or have no idea on its value, although one chap did say he'd have it if i was giving it away for £20..JOKER!!!

sorry about wrong forum aswell i did look for a good place and wasnt sure so figured selling was a good start lol my bad..and thanx

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Fender have never been particularly known for their acoustics so it's highly unlikely to have gone up in value although if you find a collector you could get lucky as the Monkey Business guitars were 4 designs in very limited editions of 100 per design. There's currently one for sale on Gumtree for £120 and that's with a hard case. There are a few for sale in the US ranging in price from $200 to $279 which makes the Gumtree guitar appear cheap!

Hope that gives you some indication, good luck with the sale.


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Re: Advice please?

yer thanx for that mate, its given me a rough idea now cheers, guess ill just keep calling round places try find some1 who wants it and knows its value.. faling that i guess its going on ebay


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Only 100 in each design? I think I'd hang onto it until someone makes a serious offer. Don't sell it for peanuts and the see them selling for lots of money in a couple of years time.

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Re: Advice please?

Advice for all! You must place your guitar at save place. Due to this your guitar wire remains in good and tied condition. Otherwise it will lose and make some strange sound. You could not make original sound from your guitar.