Topic: New song. Baby please.

Here is a song i right one afternoon when i came home from a jam sesion with my father in law. It took only 10minutes and i dont now where it came from but tjek out.

Baby take a chance with me
i will be your family
let me take you by the hand
and show you how i make romance

ooobaby baby  baby  please
dont let me get down on my nees

You and i will never fight
lets go out and dance tonight
i can be your fred astair
and you can be the one i where

ooobaby baby baby please
dont let me get down on my nees

I am just your biggest fan
and if there is a other man
i will do the the thing i can
and go back to wonderland

ooobaby baby baby please
dont let me get down on my nees.


Re: New song. Baby please.

Hey Killian - Thanks for sharing. How do the chords go with the words?
If you are unsure of how to post the chords in with the lyrics check out this link in chordie:

J  E  T  S
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Re: New song. Baby please.

As there is no music ie chords for this piece as yet I have moved your potential song to the poem section as per Chordie guide lines.

Re: New song. Baby please.

hi killian,

i like the flow of your "song" and i bet putting a melody line in there with a good chord backing would make this into a fine pop/rock song.

one of the things we do here is to put a tune to peoples words, so if that is what you were hoping for you must tell us, then someone will give it a go for you. your song will then be returned to "songwriting" forum.


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Re: New song. Baby please.

Thanks for sharing with us. I can say you, it just not a song it seems like a butterfly. We wait for more from you...


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Re: New song. Baby please.

hi killian thats the way to do it,get it down while its fresh then you can tinker with it later,great lyrics.....stay cool

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