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Carried the local Boy Scouts on a 2 day paddle down the Lumber River this weekend with a 1 night stay over.... Had a great time except for the inch of rain and hail that hit us around  Anyway the reason for this post is that I had one scout that fell in love with the guitar on the trip. I played a few tunes for the boys and Aaron came over and asked to hold my guitar. His eye's lit up when he strummed it one time and the game was on smile He wanted a pattern to strum so I started him working on a simple dduudu pattern and left him to practice. After a few minutes he had it down and I was showing him chords smile  In an hour he had the pattern down and could play G D Em & C cleanly. I next showed him how to play "Horse with no Name" and he picked it up pretty quick. It was great teaching someone so eager to learn smile   I asked him what one song he really wanted to learn and he wants to give "Fishing in the Dark" a try.  I didn't know how to play the tune but told him I'd pick it up real quick so I could teach it to him... Came home yesterday and found a tutorial for it on youtube and had a ball learning it last night.  It's amazingly easy and fun to play so I thought i'd share it here smile … ture=share

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Glad you had a great time. Not too many things give more enjoyment than teaching kids about nature,fishing, boating. It's great you found a willing and enthusiastic student. I've enjoyed the pride and satisfaction of getting a young person interested in music (especially guitar). You may have given that youngster one of the greatest gifts he'll ever receive. Good work Pix.

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Re: Fishing in the dark

It's amazing how some kids learn so fast.  It's also neat when you find someone that interested.  Good for you and him.

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Excellent story.  Good job encouraging him. 

I'm surprised that a young guy like a Scout picked as his first song a 20+ year old song that was never too popular in the first place.  That said, I approve of the boy's taste. 

- Zurf

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Re: Fishing in the dark

So sweet Pix! Can't believe he picked it up that fast. You must just be a great teacher. smile Good tutorial and glad you got to have fun with the boy.

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