Topic: The Inquisition

Your confidence is shaky
You’re never prepared for the inquiry
You’ve no representation on the subject
The result of years of selfish neglect

You search for a purpose to be relieved
Or redemption from authority not believed
Nervous now, thinking your defense is futile
Yet with a solution at hand all the while

You’ve another opportunity for freedom
Chances you seem to shun as they come
Maybe this is the time to be sincere
Resisting the temptation to get out of here

You want what everyone else seems to control
Freedom and a ladder out of this hole
Take your breaths now, breath deep
The lamp is on, bright light sweeps

The inquiry comes fast and furious
Admit you are a sinner among us
Lazy without ambition; idle at hand
A sloth, yes I understand

Anger and temperament and a wayward path
You’ve shown a hate for some, exhibitor of wrath
A taker, a receiver of benefits even without need
Sometimes there’s no return from you, you practice greed

You scorn others with more, do you agree?
This is the transgression called envy
And when feasts are prepared for all of us
Your serving is disproportionate, you are gluttonous

Your assets are sometimes on exhibit
With elitism and a pride you must admit
Excessive desire for another you feel you must
As deadly as the others this misdeed called lust

Of these crimes I am guilty, please no more penalty
I tell the inquisitor, the conscience, inside of me
Incarcerated in the prison of my soul
What must I do to (re)gain control?

My only opportunity for parole lies within
Admission and regret are keys to self-redemption
I must practice goodness and selflessness
For any chance of true love and happiness

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Re: The Inquisition

Who among us has not been plagued by hate, greed, envy, lust, self-recrimination?  Who among us has not felt unprepared & alone?  Who among us has not passed on opportunities to do the right thing for ourselves or others?  Who among us doesn’t long for someone else’s bounty, including the freedom we “perceive"  they have?

“The lamp is on, bright light sweeps" …. What a wonderful, descriptive line! With just one short line you’ve set the entire scene for me of one sitting alone, baron room, hard wood chair, pendulum of light swinging back & forth; being pummeled with questions.  But we learn that the writer is being questioned by one’s own heart; imprisoned by conscience.  The bright conclusion here, however, is the realization that we hold the keys to the prison within ourselves – the first steps to change and freedom from self-loathing.  Once this level of awareness has been established, I suppose learning how to truly utilize those keys would be the ultimate path to freedom!

Wonderful, wonderful write FF! Please keep sharing your deep and thoughtful insights.  Thank you

Re: The Inquisition

Wow very good. right now I'm at a time in my life where I feel alone and un prepared and I find myself wondering why everyone around me seems to have it all so easy, talk about frustrating and un fair, but I work not to let it get to me. I guess some of us have to pull more weight than others. thanks for sharing.

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Re: The Inquisition

In George Jones' Corvette Song,the line should read "she was built to run and to handle,son, " ----I cant find any other place to put this correction--- also,what has happened to the type size option? where is the print option? A while back,the site was great-not so great any more.   Ron Towle

Re: The Inquisition

Im not at all sure what djrt04 is referring to in his reply to your post; I sense it was simply placed in the wrong location.

In reading this again, I am once again struck by the open and raw true confessions of the piece.  Moving and elloquent.  another quality write!

Re: The Inquisition

this is a very good write..I could say more but I better not, scary world today isn`t it?