Topic: Who have you seen live lately?

Caught Ryan Adams in Nottingham (England) last Thursday. It is the third time I have seen him. He was his usual self, not much inter action with the audiance, but what a voice. He sounded sublime. I lost track of time I think he played nearly all of his latest album "Ashes and Fire" along with a host of his classics. A thouroughly great evening.

Then on Saturday I went along to Leamington Spa and saw a young blues man by the name of "Oly Brown". Wow! It was a small venue and it was a spur of the moment thing to go but I was so glad i did. He plays ands sings way beyond his young age, I think he is 20years old. He was on stage with a drummer, Wayne Colcote and a bass player, who I'm sorry I didnt catch his name and they were so tight. A great evening and fully recomend you look this guy up, Oly Brown will be very big in the near future.

Who have you seen lately?

Re: Who have you seen live lately?

Jeff Dunham the ventriloquist. Jeff is funny but the dummies use ugly words. Ha Ha.

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Re: Who have you seen live lately?

I just saw a band called " Need To Breath" at local venue. I had never heard of them before, but after seeing them live, I'm a fan.

Re: Who have you seen live lately?

Just friends sitting around.  Haven't been to a venue in a long time.

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Re: Who have you seen live lately?

I had the good fortune to get invited by friends to see the Eagles perform at Soccer City in Johannesburg last month.
Those guys can still hit the high notes and play their instruments so frikking well.
Awesome is all I can say.

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Re: Who have you seen live lately?

My mate loves The Saw Doctors, a top Irish band and they seem to tour the UK every year.  They're not my cup of tea but he insists on dragging me to see them every year. 

The truth is they are a pretty good band to watch live, a real "feel good band" and I always leave the gig with a big cheesy grin!

Foo Fighters before that at Milton Keynes Bowl, now thats my cup of tea!!

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Re: Who have you seen live lately?

Saw Coldplay last night in Coventry. What a show!! Proberbly the best concert I have been to in twenty years. What with the free interactive wrist lights, fireworks, confetti cannons and numurous oversized beach balls flying about and great, great music it made for one big sing along party.Came home completely knackered and with no voice left but a warm feeling inside.