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I have been teaching myself for the last 12 years but up until now avoided learning to read music.
I have been just strumming and picking chords all this time. Just recently i bought a book from the fast track series (Hal leonard) and it's very good in teaching the music theory. Now after all these years i have managed to play 2 little tunes actually reading music and i'm really chuffed. I have got a long way to go yet but it's a start. It's certainly a book i would rocommend if anyone wants to learn to read music right from scratch.

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Congrats on the progress.  One of my guitar teachers a while back said, "OK, now it's time to learn to read music."

I can see the benefit, but so far I've resisted because it's something I really don't want to do.  I'd rather spend my guitar time learning things that I DO want to learn.  So maybe, like you, in a few years I'll bite the bullet.

Again, well done.  Forward progress is good progress.

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Thank you Astronomikal. When i practice now i do a bit of both. Keeping up learning the theory but also keep playing my favourite songs.
I had got to the point where i felt a bit stuck and needed something new.

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Good for you!

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Re: At last , it's coming together.

I wants to keep learning about music theory.

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