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Topic: news to me,Did u know about this???

NEWS STORY/Kiwis are cashing in on their own YouTube clips to create full-time jobs for themselves.

More than 100 New Zealand "video bloggers" have so far joined YouTube's Partner Programme, which was first offered to producers of popular content and has been extended to everyone in the 20 countries where it's available.

It rewards owners of most-watched clips by sharing profits from advertising that runs alongside their videos, or vlogs.

The number of members earning more than $1000 each month has tripled in the past year.

The man behind one of New Zealand's most subscribed YouTube channels, Wellington comedian and musician Matt Mulholland, would not reveal how much he is earning, but expects a new development project launched last week will soon be his sole source of income.

He said signing up to the "Next Vlogger" programme would provide him free equipment and $10,000 of start-up advertising.

"The whole point of it is to build your channel up to a bigger point and that will be my plan to get the money coming in."

Mr Mulholland said he had a taste of the website's potential when one of his early videos - a cover of Beyonce's If I Were a Boy - garnered hundreds of hits.

"But the one I found super-surprising was a multi-track of the Ghostbusters theme ... that was the first one to get a couple of hundred thousand views in the first few days."

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Re: news to me,Did u know about this???

Sound like some easy money for someone,surprising Ghosterbusters fact also.

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Re: news to me,Did u know about this???

If only it was easy for the rest of us.  Some poeple seem to be properly talented and lucky enough to make "easy money".  I salute them.

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Re: news to me,Did u know about this???

He'd better be keeping a close eye on copyright and royalty payments, or that money's not going to seem to be so easy before long. 

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Re: news to me,Did u know about this???

sorry i didn`t copy the full article,it mentioned royalties are payed.

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