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I just joined Chordie. Great, got chords to Walkin in Memphis. LOVE IT.
How can I help?
I started playing when I was 11 years old. Played for a living for eight years... in NY.
I'm now 64 years old.  HaHA!!!!
I still possess a guitar I purchased new, a 64 Strat... and a couple of others.
I can teach, play (I used to be great, but now I'm only nearly competent.. haha)
you never forget... I compose, arrange, play other instruments..
I arrange, SHOWMANSHIP ... theatrical experience. 

I think Chordie is great!   How can i help

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Welcome to chordie johnnie,sounds like you a compatent artist,maybe we can pick your brain from time too time.

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Just come to Chordie often and read through the forums.  There is lots of chat going on and lots of music questions.  Just join in and welcome to Chordie.

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Welcome to chordie Johnny. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you!

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As you will see as you read through the topics, we vary from complete newbie to expert and all stages and abilities in between.   
As Bensonp says,  plenty for you to contribute your knowledge to.  In the last year it has been noted that mor  younger (teens) members have joined.  This is what is the best peart!  It keeps everyone enthuestastic and gives them a unbiased place to grow and love what they are learning! big_smile

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Welcome Johnny,
                        a great first post, offering to help, not just wanting something.
There are quite a few Chordians around your age (myself included) so don't feel lonely. A great bunch of folks around here.

All the best

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Hay guys, thanks for the support. I recently broke up with my long time girlfriend, so having some time, I finally sat down an practiced. I haven't practiced for probably years. I put on an old BBKing album, and played straight rythem to something called BB Boogie.  Just a straight ahead shufle blues thing. I actually STRUMMED along, What a kick. If you don't practice simple strumming, you forget.
Today, after seeing the ex (oh God) i in misery played some blues.
Some of my best work had been done when i'm miserable... guess that's why they call it the Blues