Topic: Find songs by chords you know

A great new site, submitted by one of our newer members allows you to search for songs based upon the chords you know (or want to play) instead of by song title or artist.

It searches sites like chordie, and

In the words of the site creator:
"How it works: you can enter (for example) something like 'Em, G, D, A, C', hit search, and you get all the songs you can play with exact these chords, or with some of these chords. If you're logged in you can also save a song to your personal songbook. It's not fancy and rather straight forward. Still, hope I've not only made my own life easier with this online app, but also the life of other hobby guitar players. It's free to use."

Much like Chordie, you will find a few google ads on the site - but that's the price of FREE.  This is an excellent resource.

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