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Dear fellow guitar players,

A few days ago I discovered the amazing music of Emily Smith and I would love to play a few songs from her.
I'm thankful for any chords you can offer me, but especially awesome would be those for "Take Me Home", "Dreams And Lullabies", "Butterfly", "Gypsy Davy", "Still We Dance"and "Sunset Hymn".

I'm not really into figuring out chords myself, yet, so I'm pretty desperate, because you just can't find chords on the internet. Very sad...

But anyway, thank you already! I'm looking forward to your answers! smile

Liebe Grüße,

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Hi and welcome to chordie.  I did a quick search and couldn't find anything.  I suggest you pick one to start with, find a youtube video or something of the sort of the song and post the link here.  Then, one of our very talented members can try to get the chords for you with their magic ears!  smile

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You can listen to some of the songs here … rsJoy.html


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Hi again,
So my friend and I sat down together and managed to get the chords for two easy but beautiful songs.
I hope it's ok if I post them here, more are to come soon, hopefully.


D                                                  G
One fine day,                               far away
D                                                  G
I think                                        horizon
(continue like that with the rest of the verse)

G                 A          D          G
Butterflies swoop, Butterflies fall
G            A        D              G

G                 A          D          G
Butterflies swoop, Butterflies fall
           G              A      D         

Verse again like above and so on, really simple.

Take You Home
(very similar)

        D                            A
I'll swim the ocean blue, dive the sea so deep

G                        D            A                     D
Put your hand in mine love, I won't let you walk alone
G                        D                 A                   D     A

                        G  A
I will take you home

And so on...

The original guitar part is a lot more difficult, but we're still at the beginning, so that's not possible for us yet.
It's still fun to play the songs with these chords.

If you don't know her yet and you like (Scottish) Folk Music you should really check her out, she is truly amazing.
Yesterday I saw her live for the first time and she really blew my mind. wink


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