Topic: Bet you can`t beat these lyrics?


can u beat this?

The Chi-Lites  / homely girl.       late seventies song

Must have broken your poor little heart
When the boys used to say you look better in the dark

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Re: Bet you can`t beat these lyrics?

That fits in with my attraction/repulsion thread quite nicely.  Those songs where you reject all social convention contain some of the most innovative lyrics. 

Beat it for what I'm not sure, but for expressing a particular desire or describing something there are some that are at least as apt.  Guy Clark has some outstanding couplets.  Like this one from The Randall Knife:

"It almost took his thumb when he mistook it for a tool.
No, the blade was meant for darker things and you could not bend the rules." 

Or this from, I think Paul Overstreet wrote it, in Too Gone Too Long when it comes to expressing a lack of desire to see someone:

"You came a long way going the wrong way. 
Don't even set your suitcase down."

- Zurf

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