Topic: a couple of thoughts about [Rain]

Come closer,
do you think of me
in your Winter rains,
grays touch the ocean.

Come sit,
my hands are warm
merely empty.

I reminisce,
incidental moments
remind too?
the paths we walked are the same I`m sure,
void of our impressions.

Do you think of me
when the rains fall?
it`s been so long...

Well better go,
rain is passing.
Thought you might like to know
I think of you..

Rain is that way sometimes.

"question my abilities..never my heart"

© Copyright 2011 Vincent

The wood has grayed
many years of weather,
fighting Winter, July boils,
and the rain.
Comfort on the old back-steps
twisted some, but sturdy.

Dark clouds move across
lighter shades,
or is it the world moving around
charcoal splashes.
Rain..doesn`t it seem searing at times.

I fought the day to bring me here,
the cold minutes spent alone...

no one to watch the rain...

"question my abilities..never my heart"

© Copyright 2011 Vincent

Re: a couple of thoughts about [Rain]

Hi Lane, both pieces seem sad, but I must admit to not fully understanding their meaing.  would like to understand them better.  Perhaps they might come together as one?  Love your writing style.  Best -T

Re: a couple of thoughts about [Rain]

they do seem a little lonely..but just thoughts. I`m a happy  Hey T" that is not a new ststement for me to read..all kinds of folks have said..damn thats pretty..what the hell are you trying to say..LOL  you have a great day and thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment.