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I started playing in 77, did not really think about playing guitar. After 3 yeas in the Army got home Jan 75. Two years later i hook up with my 2 year older step-brother and he asked me if he supplied the pot and i would buy me a guitar and play 3 chords over and over again. What did i have to lose what the hell spend $300 by me an Ovation learn the 3 chords and i had all the pot to keep me happy. I played every day for 2 years and i realized i was getting better then him. But we played our own music and did not worry about playing someone's chords. If the struming of different chords sounded good we would move on. We both picked anything that sounded good. 30 years latter i see people all over the internet wanting to make you a star overnight!!!!Yes you must give then money. B******T play what sounds good to you and do not give these people your money. Love to play and play to love.

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That`s right

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I agree with the sentiment.  Topdown's rule #1 is "If it sounds good, it is good."  Further, nothing comes free.  You need to put in the time and honest effort.  I did edit the one word for you to keep the post within posting guidelines.

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Desire to learn is the key.  Whatever it takes to keep the desire going is fair.

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“It’s like a Jab, you got the squeeze and you got the attack, you got the guitar and the emotion behind the song. 
You can plug into a Marshall, but if you are not attacking it,  it's just going to sound so-so.  If the song doesn't grove, you are just bashing through chords” .
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Rule No. 1 - If it sounds good - it is good!

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i hear ya man,   those were good years

badeye    cool

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