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Hey everyone, I'm new here. I play guitar and sing locally. My equipment is a Fostex MR-8HD Digital Recorder, a Digitech Vocalist Live 4 Harmonizer, a Boss DR5 Rhythm unit, and my sound system is a Fender Passport 250. I have 2 Ibanez Acoustic Guitars.

What I do for performance now is lay a simple rhythm track (percussion instruments like Congas and shaker and stick) just to keep it real simple and then lay a bass track in for the bottom end. I then lay my harmony vocals down on another track, saving it as a song on my Digital recorder. I burn the tracks onto CD after wave file conversion and have my backup. Then I use Movie Maker to show my lyrics verse by verse and chorus written right on the screen putting the video of the lyrics right over that section of music that corresponds. I save the video and audio as a movie file in my Windows Media player Library. This way all I have to do is take my laptop to the gig and set it in front of me.

I'm always interested in what other single guitarist vocalists are doing. Drop a line.

Re: new member - recording equipment

I also have an MR-8 and really dig it, especially for recording mobile.   I last used it to record these bits live, described here   My only issue with the MR-8 is that it uses compact flash cards rather than SD, and the USB connections don't play well with my Mac.  I'm thinking of getting one of the new Tascam portables for next year.

At home I use a Tascam US-800 interface into my mac, and use Reaper as my DAW.  If I need more than those 6 inputs I also have a Berhinger X2222 mixing board and Pyle 800W powered speakers that I can use as either a PA or wedge floor monitors.

I'm pretty happy with it.

Someday we'll win this thing...