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Just starting to play acoustic guitar - looking ideas for easy songs to start with.
Thank you

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Try going into the Public books. In "Absolute Beginners" there are 451 books which should give you plenty to work on, there are also 1001 books in the "Easy Songs" category.

Going through those should keep you out of mischief for a while smile.


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This question comes up often.  You would think we'd have a good list of beginner songs, but.... If you look back through some of the older posts, you will find this same discussion and perhaps some songs identified there.  It is really hard to suggest songs when we don't know what kind of music you like.  Anyway, good luck and let us know how you are doing along your journey.  Keep asking questions.

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My suggestion is to go to and go through his beginner's lessons, which will teach you some important chords and how to play them well.  The lessons are organized into batches (I don't recall what he calls them).  At the end of each batch or grouping of lessons, there are songs you can play the use the material you just learned. 

I have no association with aside from that of a satisfied user.  It is a free, donation requested, site.  If you find it valuable, make a donation.  If it doesn't work for you, then go over to and see how you like that.  Likewise, I have no association with, but it is another site with good instructional material for beginners, but with a different style and approach from  There are also recommended songs on that site, as well as many, many, many song lessons if you want to just jump right into those. 

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I also point to

I am not affilated with any of the links.  I think they are great tools and the guys have a great personality.

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