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Topic: I NEED these chords

I recently discovered the artist Brandon Bee and I'm absolutely in love with his song "Radiant Sun". He has an acoustic live version here  http://youtu.be/04FqX-2LdQo I've only been playing for 3 years and I'm young so I can't tell by listening to it what chords he uses. I'd really really appreciate it if someone could tell me what chords he is using!!! Thanks :-)

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gabby welcome here,I could not find it.try chordpickout.com.

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Ok thanks!

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I  played thru a few bars of it normally the chord is a C chord but he capo's the first fret which makes it a C# this is a tough sequence of chords for beginners if it were in the key of C the chords roughly would be C C/B Dm7 Fsus4 Am but not in the same order I capoed the 1st fret and played open C and used a decending run hopefully for you there exists an easier arrangement because it is a wonderful song beautifullly sung by this young man I hope you find the chords somewhere smile

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