Topic: Smile

This isn't really a poem, just poetic justice.

Smile.      Phill Williams.

I have been told;

When you smile it brightens the day.

Your smile melts my heart.

Until you smiled I felt so ill.

When you smiled we all smiled with you.

When you smiled I felt my knicker elastic twang.

I have a false smile;

Thanks for giving way, but I was coming through anyway.

“We'll just round it up to the nearest pound.” But that will cost me another 10 pence!

Sorry, this lift is full. The smile that says OK, you swine!

There's the “brave face” smile, but I'm crying inside.

There's the “I'm no wimp” smile – when the handshake is too tight.

“What a lovely child” smile. If he was mine I'd bash him!

And the “hard day's night smile” - I drove 2 hours to get here. I stood 3 hours on your stage and I have another 2 hour drive home, SO LEAVE ME ALONE, I DON'T WANT TO TALK!

My “thanks but I don't believe you” smile.

That was the best show we've had here in years.

You play the guitar better than Santana.

When I grow up I want to be just like you.

When you smiled I felt my knicker elastic twang. (reprise)

And my genuine smile;

Hi Daddy, here's your new granddaughter.

Thanks, here's your money, I put a little extra in...

It's sunny day. It's a long open road (and I'm the only car on it) which cuts through some of the worlds most beautiful countryside. And Abbey Road is playing (too loudly) on my CD.

Now that's a genuine smile.

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