Topic: Poem for my children

For Sarah and Luke

Beating heart
Flutter, Quiver
Movement at last
Heart burn
Weight gain
Stretching, Inside and Out
Feeling knees and elbows

Tired, Insomnia
Swollen feet
Time seems halted
Rush Rush
Speed it up
Constriction, Pain
Over and Above

Push, Shove
So Slowly, Deliberate
Gruelling, Challenging
Tired, Dead Beat
Energy Boost, Release

Screaming, Lungs fill
Wet, Slippery
5 Toes, 5 Fingers
On my chest
Warm, Tiny
Kicking, Flailing
Helpless, Fighter

Delight, Fearsome
Confused, Bewildered
Motherly Instinct
Protect, Assist, Give
Warm mouth
Cold Nipple
Suckling, Life Milk
Bonding, Astonished

Diapers, Dummies
Sitting, Crawling
Babbling, Drooling
Smiles leave me Soaring
First Tooth, Chewing motion
First steps unsteady
Running, Climbing
Touching, Tasting

Separation Anxiety
Grazed knees
Stubbed toes
Solace in Mum’s arms
Watching Looking
Standing amazed
Growing so fast
Tears of Joy

Lego, Teddies
Bedtime Stories
Check the breathing
Palms on chest
Restless nights
Fevers, Inoculations
Furrowed Brows
Concerned, Troubled

Birthday Parties
Christmas Trees
Presents Parcels
Mine Mine Mine!
First day of School
Longer Legs
Smart Uniforms
Huge Satchels

Progress Reports
Proud Parent
Athletics, Swimming
Mum shouts the loudest
Newfound Friends
Pretty Pictures
Assignments, Tasks
Play Time on Weekends

Puberty, hormones
First loves, Broken Hearts
Make-Up and Fancy Clothes
Mums Taxi is summonsed
High School, New Attitudes
Pushing Boundaries
Testing Limits, ”I know it all”
How time flew suddenly

Hard times, Empty Tummies
New Homes, Riding Busses
Love, Hugs, Attention
Was this going to be enough
Young Lady, Young Man
Aspirations, Peer Pressure
High Grades, Low Grades
Pass with Flying Colours

Make ends Meet
Keep the roof over our Heads
Food in the Cupboards
Please get home Safely
Taller, Prettier,
More Handsome
Launch into the Big World
University, Choices
Law of Consequences

New Beginnings,
Changed Environment
New Rules, Subjects, Friends
Making a Mark as Adults
Cutting Apron Strings
Letting Go, Gaining confidence
Errors, Faults, Misunderstandings
Managing own lives

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Re: Poem for my children

Judy, I LOVE this!  wonderful!.... (both posts of it!)  smile  keep writing!

Re: Poem for my children

lovely poem, a way to show your children how much you love them ,,,,,GR8 effort