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Topic: Backing for Guitar

Hi all
I'm Pete from downunder and been playing semi/acoutic guitar for a while, this is the 1st time I have posted on chordie and I am looking at backing tracks mainly to play along with and also  to help with my timing. I was looking at the Fender G-DEC it seem to have a lot different beats and functions. Can anybody give me some guidance (I play a lot of Country)


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this site has lots of stuff.  as far as an amp that has them,,,, I Dont know.  my Digitech has a drum machine with beats in 4/4 3/4  and different styles, country metal jazz, etc... and you can also set BPM.

hope this helps.

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G'day Pete and welcome to Chordie.
The Fender G-Dec sure has a lot of features and functions, too many for my liking. That is the main reason I sold mine and bought an easier amp to operate. Although the G-Dec may suit you better than it did me, try it out first and make your own mind up.
For backing tracks these days I use an IPad with "garage band" app installed. Works for me.
I'm sure someone will come along soon with better advice, plenty of very knowledgable folks on this site.

All the best

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Every little bit helps

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Hi Pete and welcome.
I create my own backing tracks using Chordpulse http://www.chordpulse.com/index.html on my laptop and then play them back from my laptop through my mixing desk to the amp. It's a very easy program to use and you make the backing your own and therefore not a direct copy of the originally recorded song. You can try the the program free for 14 days and then if you like it the price is quite cheap (less than £20)
If you want to have a listen to a song that I recorded using a chordpulse backing have a listen to http://soundcloud.com/just-tel/handbags-and-gladrags


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Hi Pete

I use a Boss eBand. It comes loaded with hundreds of looped backing tracks in just about every genre you can think of so it makes a great practice tool. It loaded with Boss effects too. You can link it up to your computer as well and jam along to MP3's as well. You can record all of this onto the eBands hard drive. Being Boss it's pretty much bullet proof, here's a YouTube demo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpvZwxbZUuc


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