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ok, here's the question(s)....can anyone on here give a fair evaluation of any of the many online instructors based on actual experience?  newer player here.  mainly acoustic, some electric.  have been in private lessons for a year plus now.  feel like i am doing ok but i am at a plateau and i am intriqued by some of the youtube video instructors i have seen as well as some of the dvd courses out there.  looking for feedback from folks who have actually used them.  good and the bad.  marty schwartz seems good.  griff hamlin for the blues.  i see claude johnson got bombed on here by some folks.  how about the jamplay folks?  just looking to expand to what i am learning from my live instructor wit different techniques and ideas for playing.  please let me know if you have used any of these guys/gals and what your thoughts are.  and if you are promoting your own lessons, please refrain from responding.  if you are any good others will pass the info along.  thanks

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I like and 

For songs, I like Goldhat. 

There are many others that I'm sure are good too.  Those are the ones I've taken the most out of.

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I agree with Zurf, in addition, Siggi at has done some great tutorials.
For a more technical site, is worth spending some time with.

Good luck!