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I've learned a lot from this guy and think that he is an awesome player. I had this new vid in my Utube inbox. Not really a fan of the song, but man Justin makes it look easy and sound amazing. So if you haven't checked out his stuff I recommend you do it.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to play a 12 string.

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Great song.  Nuno Bettancourt is a guitar god, but Justin can hold his own.

+1 on the advice.  Justin is an excellent teacher.

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Nuno, started out as a drummer. His rhythms are awesome.

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That was really awesome.  The 12 string is truly a requirement when it comes to a few songs... this is one of them.  I forgot how much I love Extreme.  Thanks for the reminder!  Something for me to listen to today.  smile

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What a great guitar part.

Just wanted to say I to have gone to Justinguitars several times and learned a lot about fingerpicking from him.