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I read a old thread here the other day that I have taken to heart I've been playing for 3 months can humble through half a dozen songs I have bought 2 guitars and want to get much better so here I'm " C Am F G7 thanks guys

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Good start,keep learning new ones,b and f chords seem too be the chords most people have some trouble with. It would be good if you get going on scales.

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Fire art  wrote:

C Am F G7

You've found what some people refer to as the "doo wop" chord progression (I-vi-IV-V).  It was used in a lot of early rock and roll ballads ("Earth Angel" and "All I Have to do is Dream" come immediately to mind).  It's still pretty common.

If you want to practice it in a couple of different keys, do this:

Key of G:  G  Em  C  D (or D7)

Key of A:  A  F#m  D  E (or E7)

Key of D:  D  Bm  G  A (or A7).

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Re: C Am F G7

Yes this is a common chord progression and is used a lot in music. You can also try substituting the F for a Dm. You then get a ii-V-I progression at the end, which is really useful to learn in different keys.

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