Topic: Adding New Content - A Work Around!


Having exhausted all identifiable options for adding new content to Chordie and getting no response from numerous emails to support I've developed a work around for adding new content.

Just find a song with a title close to what you want to add, add it to your songbook, and then completely replace the content. When you edit the artist and title in the song it won't change how it's displayed in the songbook so you'll have to remember what it is really. You can update the content of the song for tab, lyrics and chords as needs be. I'm finding this to work quite well.

Re: Adding New Content - A Work Around!

The mods will step in to correct me,

If your "new content" is a song sung by someone else then it cannot be added. Chordie is a search engine and has no database. If it is an original song by you then it can be posted in the songwriting forum.

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Re: Adding New Content - A Work Around!

On the resources tab there's a link to which indicates you can submit new content by providing a URL pointing to that content in chopro format. It just doesn't seem to work.