Topic: Larry and His Flask, do you know them?

Hi !
I didn't saw a topic about them, sorry if it's not the right place for this topic.

Well, Larry and His Flask (LAHF) is a bluegrass band. 6 guys from Oregon playing wild, with a big energy, but they can be sweet (and sweat) lol

2 Video clips :
LAHF - Call It What You Will
LAHF - Hobo's Lament
There's some live that you can find on youtube :
LAHF - Live Q Bus (Leiden, Holland) 2012-05-23

With "Hurray For The Riff Raff", it's the last new band I really really really like ! I saw Larry And His Flask on their European tour, in Belgium, in my little city ah ah, they're very sympathetic and it's unforgettable!

Larry And His Flask website :