Topic: chordie vs ultimate guitar

Well I decided  that since I also pull a good bit of stuff from UG that I would join and check out their forum.

Well it is litterally impossibel to follow any type of order or topic.  I tried to get into some of the threads and see was going on,, but it is just a very buisy and hodge podge site.

It really mkes me love this fourm/ site and the friends I have made her that much more!  cool

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Re: chordie vs ultimate guitar

Beamer I think we are more like a family of friends here.

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Re: chordie vs ultimate guitar

I agree Dino!  People always say that this site's forum isn't like others.  It's so true, especially when you take a look at the other side.  People out there can be rude and pushy and have attitudes about how awesome they or their instruments are.  I LOVE Chordie!

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Re: chordie vs ultimate guitar

Yeah.  The folks on this site are encouraging and humble and helpful.  I haven't participated much on UG.  They've got lots of songs there, though.

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Re: chordie vs ultimate guitar

Chordie is easier to use. I have made friends here. It is first choice. I will go to ultimate guitar if I can`t find a song on here. I actually found UG first. One thing to remember. UGly starts with UG. Not Ch.

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Re: chordie vs ultimate guitar

Don't much care for Ultimate Guitar's forums but I do enjoy checking here.  I also like the Acoustic Guitar Forum.  Lot's to learn from both places.

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